Types of Healing

Pranic Healing is an Energy Healing technique that has been carefully planned so that, in a very short time, anyone can understand the different elements of their energy field and can recover well-being and happiness at all levels.

Pranic Healing, in its current form, was developed at the end of the last century by Master Choa Kok Sui, based on ancient knowledge. Master Choa dedicated more than 20 years to synthesizing and updating these ancient techniques, through intense scientific research carried out jointly with doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, healers, shamans and clairvoyants.

Thanks to these investigations, Pranic Healing is easy to learn and apply, it is an inexpensive technique and accessible to everyone.

With Pranic Healing you can improve and cure a large number of ailments. Pranic Healing claims to be based on the holistic structure of the human being, made up of the visible physical body and an invisible, energetic body. This technique works on the latter to achieve energy balance, manifesting itself in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual balance, by removing and applying energy using the hands of the healing practitioner, who may be the same individual.

Due to its great effectiveness and versatility, it enjoys wide international recognition: it is currently practiced in more than 90 countries, and is officially endorsed by governments and universities around the world.

Pranic Healing


Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing uses the great advances in quantum physics with the knowledge of the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine where the body reflects those things that happen in our lives, often producing imbalances that affect our health.

Quantum Healing looks for the weaknesses we have regarding what we want to solve, whether it is physical pain or discomfort, an emotional blockage or phobia, anything else that prevents us from finding balance, by detecting these weaknesses and strengthening them through energetic changes in the person , there is an advance in the problem that we want to solve, sometimes the result occurs in the course of a single session, in other cases, depending on the blockage we have, several sessions are necessary to perceive the improvement.

During the session, the therapist records in the person's energy body the new information that allows the problem or illness to be reversed so that little by little that information helps the person to recover his nature state of balance.

Shamanic Healing

Why is shamanism still used today throughout the world?

Because it is effective. Shamanism has always been a form of integral healing and that is why it is one of the oldest paths towards the complete awakening of the human being and his self-knowledge. Archaeological evidence places the first shamanic practices more than 40,000 years ago.

Through shamanic journeys, superior wisdom can be gained and either healing or answers can be obtained.

Shamanism works the spiritual part of the disease, and restores the connection of the person with her Personal Power. But he is not only going to work with his spiritual life, he is going to work with everything that happens to him in his life.

Totally safe, shamanism is compatible with any other medical treatment.

In the healing sessions NO SUBSTANCES are used, only the sound of the drum and the maraca.

How is the healing done?

We are not alone, the Spirits of compassion work in union with the shaman. In shamanic healing there is a flow of power from non-ordinary reality to ordinary reality and this is how healing occurs.

When a compassionate human being works to alleviate the pain and suffering of another human being, the Spirits are interested and come to their aid, they get involved.

Types of Healing

• Divination: Bring information.

• Extraction: Remove pain and spiritual illness that is localized in a person.

• Animal Recovery of Power: Reconnection with our strength, knowledge and protection.

• Recovery of the Soul: serious or less serious trauma, accidents, abuse, illness, loss of loved ones…. They can cause a loss of soul. The shaman goes in search of the parts of the Soul to bring them back to the client.

• Psicopompo: Conductor of Souls Shamans help the dead as well as the living.

• Shamanic Consulting: A method that helps you discover your personal ability and obtain extraordinary, wise and practical answers to personal questions about any situation that is affecting our lives.