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I have been a spiritual/energetic healer for over 25 years.  I decided to make healing my life and career after an enlightening experience. Initially, I laid hands on people to help them heal.  Then I realized that I could heal people long distance.

 In some cases the temperature of the environment and the patient drops, even the patient's breath gets cold. That is when the healing happens. Sometimes, there is no temperature change but people heal and feel better regardless.  Something that is transcendental is that there is a good connection between the healer and the person to heal. Throughout my career as a healer, I have seen how spiritual/energetic healing helps to heal the person on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.     

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Benefits of Distance Healing

• Unlock stagnant energy.

• Provide vital energy, joy, strength.

• Support and complement any conventional treatment of a disease.

• Reduce stress and promote calm, serenity, inner peace.

• Avoid insomnia and promote deep and restful sleep.

• Correct migraines

• Reduce physical pain or emotional suffering.

• Promote intestinal transit and avoid constipation

• Balance energy in pregnancy and postpartum

• Phobias

• Addictions

•Childhood illnesses

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Maria Azuaje Camacaro, Venezuela

I want to express my gratitude to Oswald Blanco, my mother has been recovering for three years from the aftermath of a stroke which left her almost speechless and unable to walk. After the healings she has been doing at a distance, my mother little by little has been saying words and some short sentences. Thank you and god send you blessings and a lot of light from the Divinity so that you can continue making such beautiful healings.

Heather Vandeburg Sycamore IL USA

I have had a many distance healing sessions with Oswald.  He has helped me and other loved ones on both physical and emotional levels.  I was having morning kidney pain and with one session it has gone away and not returned.  I feel like so many different layers and aspects are being healed all at the same time. Thank you for you gifted work!
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